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Building Project by Eaton Rapids Library

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We want to recognize our donors, and the best way we can do that is with donor signage. When the renovation is complete, we will have a donor tree in place for recognition of our amazing and generous donors. The donation amount will determine your donor signage category. Below is a breakdown of the donor signage recognition categories. 

$100+ = Book Worms

$500+ = Dream Builders

$1,000+ = Imagineers

$5,000+ = Literacy Leaders

$10,000+ = Library Extraordinaire

Prior to the public library’s establishment, there was a group of men known as the “literary society.” They understood the importance of books and having a gathering place to further their education, so they purchased bookcases. With that investment, the community’s first public library was established on February 28, 1876, thus cementing its place as one of the ten oldest public libraries in the State of Michigan.

Since its beginning, the community has welcomed all the public library offers. It extended past the City boundary lines in 1969 to serve Eaton Rapids and Hamlin Township.

In the late 1980s, tension rose, and the township contracts were nullified in 2002. However, the City continued to maintain the public library.

In 2015, under new leadership, the library restored its relationship with the township, and we began to serve both townships again.

In 2018, we passed a millage to become a district library and secured funding. This allowed us to be no longer the City’s library but the community’s library.

The building project is one more step toward bringing the community the library it deserves.

Growing the Library by Eaton Rapids Library

For more information visit the library and check out our Building Project corner and plans!

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