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Welcome to the Eaton Rapids Area District Library; a Library that is so much more than just books and a quiet place to read! Here we have activities happening daily that turn our building into a vibrant learning center in the middle of downtown, and we have electronic resources, GoPro cameras, mobile internet, board games and more to check out.

Our friendly staff strive to make each and every visit to the Library enjoyable and beneficial for everyone that walks through our doors.

I am proud to say I am the director of the Eaton Rapids Area District Library and I hope you enjoy your time with us.


Bryonna Barton, Director

Provide and make readily available library services necessary to meet the educational, informational, recreational and cultural needs of the community today and into the future.

The Eaton Rapids Area District Library Board is comprised of seven members representing the three municipalities that make up our service area. Six Board members are appointed by the municipality they reside in for four-year terms, and the seventh member rotates between the municipalities for a two-year term.

The Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Library. Major duties include maintaining the public Library, establishing Library policies, employing the Library Director, adopting an annual budget, and approving the expenditure of funds.

Meeting Minutes 


August 8, 2019 Minutes

September 12, 2019 Minutes

October 10, 2019 Minutes

November 7, 2019 Minutes

November 26, 2019 Minutes

December 12, 2019 Minutes


January 9, 2020 Minutes

February 13, 2020 Minutes

March 12, 2020 Minutes

April 9, 2020 Minutes

May 14, 2020 Minutes

June 11, 2020 Minutes

August 13, 2020 Minutes

September 10, 2020 Minutes

October 8, 2020 Minutes

November 11, 2020 Minutes

December 10, 2020 Minutes


January 14, 2021 Minutes

February 11, 2021 Minutes

March 11, 2021 Minutes

April 8, 2021 Minutes

May 13, 2021 Minutes

June 10, 2021 Minutes

July 8, 2021 Minutes

August 12, 2021 Minutes

September 9, 2021 Minutes

October 14, 2021 Minutes

November 11, 2021 Minutes

December 9, 2021 Minutes


January 13, 2022 Minutes










2022-11-10- Minutes

2022-11-10- Minutes







Board bylaws

Board Bylaws

Board Members

    • Jan Denton (President): City of Eaton Rapids – Term ends 12/31/2024
    • Nancy Pople (Vice-President): Hamlin Township – Term ends 12/31/2024
    • Krysta McGee: City of Eaton Rapids – Term ends 12/31/2026
    • Amanda Norton: (Treasurer): Eaton Rapids Township – Term ends 12/31/2023
    • Emily Bodkin (Trustee): Hamlin Township – Term ends 12/31/2026
    • Kathy Priesman (Trustee – Rotating Member): Eaton Rapids Township – Term ends 12/31/2023 
    • Matt Swan-Badgero (Trustee): Eaton Rapids Township – Term ends 12/31/2025

The Friends are dedicated to promoting the Eaton Rapids Area District Library, increasing public awareness, and encouraging community involvement through fundraising activities. Click the link below and fill out the form to join our Friends group.

Friends Application


If you want an easy way to donate to the Eaton Rapids Area District Library, use the Amazon Smile link and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchase to the Library. Just select the Friends of the Eaton Rapids Library before starting your purchase.

We have also added a Donate Page which will allow you to donate towards the Building Renovation fund with Google Pay or Square.


There is a spot for YOU at the Library! Please fill out our new Online Volunteer application volunteer application and return or mail it to the library.


In order to get a free three-year Library card you need to live (or own property) in the City of Eaton Rapids, Eaton Rapids Township or Hamlin Township (service area).

If you live outside our service area you may get a card, but there is a $45.00/year fee for a family card or a $25.00/year fee for a single card.

A family card allows each family member residing at the same address to receive their own card at no additional cost.

If you would like to see if your address is eligible for a free card please email us or give us a call at 517-663-0950, or visit us in person.

You can now sign up for an Eaton Rapids Area District Library card online! Follow the link here to be taken to our online form.

There is still a manual piece to the process, so please allow 1 week before trying to use your new card. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the library or use our contact form on the website.

We have ten public access computers, two scanners and free public WiFi throughout the building. You do not need a Library Card to access any of the in-building technology.

We have 5 Chromebook Kits for checkout. Each kit includes the ChromeBook with power adapter, a mobile hotspot with power adapter, and a thumb drive.

  • Books: We are a fine-free library. However, if an item is lost or damaged a replacement fee will be assessed.
  • New Release DVDs: $1.00 for a two-day checkout
  • Printer: The Library offers black at white printing from its public computers for $0.20 per page, or $0.40 per double-sided page, and color printing for $0.25 per page, or $0.50 per double-sided page. Patrons are responsible for using the print preview to determine the number of pages in the file prior to printing. Patrons will be charged for all pages printed whether they take them or not.
  • Microfilm Machine: Printing from the microfilm machine is available at $0.20 per page.
  • Copier: Black and white copies can be made for $0.20 per page or $0.40 for double-sided pages. Color copies can be made for $0.25 per page or $0.50 for double-sided.
  • Fax Machine: Faxes can be sent and received for $1.00 a page

Unfortunately, printing is not available over Wifi. If you have a document on your phone, please bring the cable for your phone with you to the library. If you have the document on Google Drive, OneDrive or, please bring your login credentials.

If you have emailed the document to yourself, please make sure you have the credentials to your email AND your phone with you in the event you have 2 factor authentication (2FA) turned on.

Yes. Refer to our Technology Resources page for more details.

Contact the Library Immediately.

Phone: 517-663-0950


The PIN across all services that require it is: userpass

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