I am finishing up my staff series with a very familiar face/name: Teresa Baldwin. Teresa is the longest serving member of the Eaton Rapids Area District Library’s staff with over 21 years here; so let’s see if I cover something you don’t already know about her!

During her tenure with the Eaton Rapids Library she has experienced many things, including three directors, more than a dozen wonderful coworkers, a successful millage, a name change for the Library, and a promotion to Assistant Director, just to name a few things.

Just like the rest of us, one of her favorite things about her job is the people! Teresa enjoys getting to know the community in which she lives and works, through everyone that comes to the Library. Recently she has also discovered a fondness for creating programs, especially those that involve food (pancake art anyone?)!

As you can imagine, Teresa has performed almost every job at the Library, and I’m personally very thankful for her affinity towards cataloging. Because of her willingness to take on this new task when I started, we are able to ensure new materials make it out to the community in a timely manner. She’s also able to name and find almost any item in the building, with little to no information, which is an underappreciated skill if you ask me.

Just as Teresa can find any item in the building, she is also very skilled at helping readers find their next book; so the next time you are in a rut and need a recommendation, just ask for Teresa!

Her recommendation and locating skills are helped by the fact that she is a voracious reader. She enjoys everything Debbie Macomber, and if given the opportunity, would love to meet Dallas’s husband from the J.D. Robb In Death series, especially if she could use the AutoChef!

To round out your introduction to Teresa: she has two grown sons, both of whom graduated from Eaton Rapids Public Schools, several family members who live in the area, a high maintenance dog, and a cat who thinks he is a dog (the best kind in my opinion!).

That’s it; you’ve now been introduced to everyone that works for the Eaton Rapids Area District Library. I hope you have had as much fun learning about everyone as I have had writing about them. 

Thank you from all of us for your continued support and patronage of the Eaton Rapids Area District Library, and we all look forward to serving you in the years to come!

If you have questions or comments about the Library please contact me directly (acurtis@eradl.org or 517-663-0950 x401).

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