Jeremy Leik may be the newest staff member of the Eaton Rapids Area District Library, but it is safe to say that he immediately fit right in with the rest of us! 

Jeremy jumped in as the Technology Coordinator just about a year ago, and has helped the Library make leaps and bounds in what it has to offer the community. He was instrumental in increasing the amount of technology available to the public (dedicated card catalog computer, charging station, strengthened wifi signal, and additional hotspots, just to name a few things), and has created numerous technology programs (both live and recorded).

Jeremy received his Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University in IT with a concentration in Computer Networking; and his Master of Science from Capella University with a concentration in Information Assurance & Security.

Prior to joining the ERADL team, he spent several years with a large insurance company testing internally developed software, and then he taught computer courses at a vocational college. I believe both prepared him well for working in a library, but I’m happy to say that he will be the first to admit that working for ERADL has been one of his best professional experiences.

To date his favorite Library program was on “Cutting the Cable” and moving to Streaming TV over the Internet with a Roku or similar device. He said, “this program allowed me to capitalize on something that I did out of necessity back in 2008, after which time I have not looked back.”

Much like his aptitude for technology is unique, so is his book recommendation: “I have never laughed as hard as when I read I Am Ozzy [written by Ozzy Osbourne]. So if you’ve followed the career of the self-proclaimed “Prince of Darkness,” I highly recommend it.”

Jeremy does not live in Eaton Rapids, but is a lifelong Eaton County resident. He and his siblings (three total) grew up in Mulliken, went to school in Grand Ledge, and his father still owns and operates two funeral homes in the County.

He also has several nieces who value everything their Uncle Jeremy brings to their lives, and, based on the way he talks about them, he holds a special place for them in his life as well.

Jeremy has been a wonderful addition to the Library, and we look forward to utilizing all of his expertise to continue to help the Library, and the community, move further into the 21st Century.

If you have questions or comments about the Library please contact me directly ( or 517-663-0950 x401).

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